Earn PLANET Phase 2 - Plan layout
Donation amount:- 1010/-
In this unique crowd funding concept you have to donate only four donors. Let’s understand this.
Donation distribution:-
Rs.10 donation Indian Army
Rs.300 donation Your first sponsor member
Rs.500donation Your second sponsor mem
Rs.200donation City community's
Term and condition:
This is a unique and unbeaten system.It’s a single leg donation system anyone can join unlimited directs family member can join in a single leg but one pan card only one member ship is allowed.When you join this family you have to donate Rs.10 directly to Indian Army social welfare account after that you can registered for final donation.
Digramatical Representation
Let’s a parson join direct 10 and every 10 direct join 10 so total team will be 100 now let’s calculate the income of this person.
1st level Directs income 300X10= 3000/-
2 level Directs income 500X100 50,000/-
Total 53,000/-
Out of 2nd level income 50% will go to 2nd level sponsor that is 50000/2 = 25000, hence your total income = 28,000/-
Benefits of new updates phase -
1. Everyone can get unlimited direct donation it means every direct donation will get 300/-anyone can get unlimited direct donation.
2. 2nd level donation is more imported and every 2nd level donor will give 500/-
3.Our unique life time donation system will come from unlimited depth of every single family under him.